Tanzania Luxury Safaris

If you are planning a luxury African safari, you will not be disappointed should you consider Tanzania.

This East African country delivers some of Africa’s most indulgent and luxurious safari experiences whether you’re watching the Serengeti migration, tracking the Big 5 in the Ngorongoro Crater or strolling next to the Indian Ocean.

With household names like the Serengeti and¬†Ngorongoro Crater as the headline acts, you’d be forgiven in thinking a luxury Tanzania safari is all about game-viewing in the savannah. It’s also a country of remote forests, silent lakes and tropical beaches. The wildlife is simply stunning too: a magical blend of Southern, East and Central Africa – big game, primates, amazing birdlife (well over 1000 species) and that’s before you strap on your scuba gear and hit the Indian Ocean reefs.

The best thing is that all these advantages are served with old school style and panache – Tanzania has long been a crown jewel in Africa’s top safari destinations for the authenticity, luxury and service you’ll experience there.

Fantastic suites with amazing views, elegant furnishings and gourmet food are all non-negotiable at our Tanzania luxury safari lodges – and that’s before you go exploring. Spend the day discovering reef, forest or savannah and just when you thought you couldn’t take any more, be bowled over by the friendliness of the Tanzanians.